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Mask Exemptions and the Hard of Hearing

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Mask Exemptions and the Hard of Hearing

Did you know that the hard of hearing have access to a mask-wearing exemption for the people they are communicating with?

We know how hard it can be to communicate with people when they are wearing a mask and we cannot see their lips.

That’s why we have developed this downloadable image to print or save to your phone so you can let people know they can remove their masks to communicate with you.

Both the Queensland and New South Wales governments provide an exemption communicating with another person who is deaf or hard of hearingThe Qld Government’s guidelines can be accessed here. and NSW guidelines here.

Download this new resource below and:

  • save it in your phone photo library ready to show, or
  • print it out and laminate it to have in your wallet or purse

You can then show this to people that you wish to communicate with to alert them to the fact that they are allowed to remove their masks when communicating with people who are hard of hearing.

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