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Group Training Programs

Group Training Programs

All classes take place in a friendly relaxed environment. An affordable fee is charged in accordance with type of service.


Programs in Hearing Loss Management are conducted by Better Hearing Australia Brisbane Inc. and affiliated groups. They include hearing loss management, information sessions and social activities. The programs assist people who are hearing impaired to better manage their hearing loss.

Introduction to Understanding / Managing Hearing Loss

Short courses of 4 x 1/2hrs each term subject to enrolments. A course that helps you to better understand and manage your hearing loss and learn ways in which you can help yourself. The classes are held at various locations in and around Brisbane.

Basics of Speechreading / Lipreading

A short course of evening classes of 1 hour offered weekly each term on the basics of Sight-Assisted Communication/Hearing Loss Management. Subject to enrolments.

Signed Communication

We refer any interested clients to Deaf Services for Auslan classes.

Supplementary Sessions

Supplementary sessions can include a range of exercises, discussions and information on various aspects of hearing loss, including:

  • the ear and the hearing process
  • speech-reading and communication strategies
  • hearing loss and stress
  • hearing aids and other devices for better hearing
  • assistive listening devices
  • life skills
  • other relevant topics
Information Sessions (all sessions are captioned)

Occasional information sessions are presented at BHA headquarters featuring specially invited speakers on topics of interest to the hearing impaired.

Further Information

For further information contact Better Hearing Australia Brisbane.

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