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Hearing Loss Advocacy, Referral, Information and Consumer Groups

Hearing Device Funding & Subsidies

Government Funding

Hearing Aid Banks

Hearing Loss Related Conditions

Acoustic Neuroma


Meniere’s Disease 

Services, Devices and Tools

Assistive Listening Devices and Hearing Augmentation (alerting, sound reinforcement, hearing loops etc) 


Telephone Services 

Training and Education

Active Communication Education (ACE) 

Online Hearing Loss Awareness Training 

Sign Language 

Lip Reading 

Smart Device Applications

  • SoundPrint: Measure and share venue and location sound levels with the local community
  • NALscribe: Easy-to-use live speech captioning tool
  • Tinnibot: Tinnibot is a virtual coach that integrates treatments that we know to be effective in tinnitus management.
  • Ava: Professional & AI-Based Captions for Deaf & HoH

Help us help the one in six Australians suffering from the world's most prevalent sensory disability