Face2Face Speechreading Academy

Face2Face Speechreading Academy

Unlock the world of sound: Learn to speechread today!

Are you someone who experiences difficulty in hearing and struggles to communicate with others? Have you missed out on conversations, social events, and other important moments in your life because of your hearing challenges? If so, our Speechreading Academy can help you overcome some of these obstacles.

What’s the difference between lipreading and speechreading?

Speechreading is the preferred terminology for lipreading, but we recognise that many still refer to it as such. Technically, lipreading is watching the lips to extract whatever speech information you can, while speechreading is watching the lips, tongue, teeth, cheeks, eyes, facial expressions, gestures, body language and anything else that gives clues as to what the person is saying.

Improve communication and confidence with speechreading skills

Our course is designed to teach you the skills needed to read speech effectively, regardless of the level of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Our experienced instructors will help you recognise vowels and consonants, distinguish between similar-looking words, and interpret facial expressions and gestures accompanying speech.

I have enjoyed joining the speechreading classes with Cheryl for many years. The environment is relaxed and welcoming, and the more that I apply the tips we are taught, the easiest I find things (though I admit to needing greater practice, but this class encourages this!).  Being surrounded by others with hearing difficulties and learning about the common issues faced, makes the whole experience a little easier. The dedication by Cheryl is unparalleled, and having such a highly qualified educator is a bonus!  No matter what the age, or experience level, you can jump in at any term and pick up practical tips for social use.
~ Tammy

What are the benefits of learning to speechread?

  1. Improved Communication: Lipreading can enhance communication and comprehension for people with hearing loss, allowing them to participate more fully in conversations, social situations, and everyday life.
  2. Increased Independence: Lipreading skills can promote greater independence and self-reliance, reducing the reliance on others to convey information or interpret conversations.
  3. Better Speech Production: Lipreading training can also improve speech production skills and phonemic awareness, which can benefit people with speech or language disorders.
  4. Expanded Opportunities: Lipreading skills can also open up new opportunities for social engagement, education, and employment, enabling people with hearing loss to pursue a wider range of personal and professional goals.

Our Speechreading Academy is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. Whether you are just starting to experience hearing loss or have been living with it for years, we can help you develop the skills needed to read lips confidently and accurately.

Connect with others and communicate clearly with speechreading training

With our course, you’ll be able to participate in conversations, even in noisy environments, and you’ll feel more connected to the people and world around you. You’ll also have access to a supportive community of fellow learners who understand the challenges of hearing loss and are committed to supporting each other’s success.

Our next speechreading course

Our next course commences on Tuesday 6th August and will run for 6 weeks.

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