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Active Communication Education (ACE) Program

Active Communication Education (ACE) Program

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Communicate better with BHA’s Active Communication Education Program.

Hearing loss can be challenging in all sorts of ways and not just for you but for those around you as well, particularly family and friends.

Maybe you’ve been avoiding doing some of the things you used to enjoy or maybe you don’t go out as much anymore because it’s simply too hard to hear.

With ‘ACE’, now you can do something about it and get back to doing the things you enjoy.

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Course Overview

The Active Communication Education (ACE) Program was developed from the program of research conducted in the Communication Disability Centre at The University of Queensland. 

Its aim is to help adults with hearing loss to become more effective communicators and to provide them with strategies to cope better in everyday life. 

It is a rehabilitation option for adults with hearing loss who might not want to wear hearing aids all the time or who want more than what hearing aids alone can provide.

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Course Details

  • Flexible delivery in a small group setting
  • Weekly sessions (1 – 2 hrs) over five weeks
  • Note: Places are strictly limited

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