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Peer Connect

Peer Connect

BHA’s Peer Connect Program puts you in touch with one of our friendly volunteers with lived experience of hearing loss.

Sometimes it’s helpful to talk through what’s on your mind with someone who really understands what you might be going through.

Maybe you’ve been given some options to think about with your hearing health professional and you’re not quite sure which way forward might be best for you. Talking it through with someone who may have had to make similar decisions can be helpful.

Sometimes a friendly ear is all we really need.

Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll connect you with one of our peer-connect volunteers today.

Hearing Help Card

The Better Hearing Australia Hearing Help Card is now carried by many thousands of Australians and can be presented in situations that require immediate identification of a hearing problem.

These are available upon request from our Centre at a small cost.

Hospital Information Packs

Hospital Information Pack and associated signage can be provided by Better Hearing Australia at minimal cost to readily identify patients who have a hearing loss and explain their communication needs.

This Better Hearing Australia Hospital Pack has reduced stress, frustration, and often dangerous misunderstanding that can be experienced by hearing impaired hospital patients and has provided valuable assistance to busy hospital or nursing home staff.

Read more about our services. Download PDF.

Information sheets

Communicating Well – Strategies to assist people with Impaired Hearing. Download PDF.


Better Hearing Social Club. BHA (Bris) organises Social Functions during the year. See News and Events pages.

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