Research Partnerships

Research Partnerships

Your Expertise Needed

BHA Brisbane participates in research projects where our experience and knowledge of, and connection with members of, the hearing-loss community can be valued.

Below you’ll find a list of current research projects we are partners in.

Your experience in living with hearing loss, or being a partner or family member of someone with hearing loss, can be invaluable to the researchers. We urge you to contact the research coordinators below and offer your insights to their research.



Empowering adults with hearing loss by increasing informed choice, accessibility, and uptake of hearing healthcare

Timeframe: 2022-2025
Lead Research Partner: Curtin University
Funding: $1,436,994

This project will co-create a tailored online decision aid to explain the pros and cons of available hearing health options and increase the uptake of hearing healthcare to improve the lives of many adults with hearing loss.

Get Involved

Researchers at Curtin University need your help to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

We want to make it easier for people to get help for hearing loss. We are looking for people who have hearing difficulties to help us understand the kind of support people need when they first notice they have a hearing loss. Participation will take about 1.5 hours and will involve an interview and some brief questionnaires. We will have sessions online and in person and we would be glad to hear from you even if you have never got help for your hearing.

A gift card in appreciation of your involvement may be offered.

If you can help, please email Ellen at


Improving the psychosocial and emotional well-being of adults with hearing loss through co-designed evidence-based services: ACE2.0

Timeframe: 2022-2025
Lead Research Partner: University of Queensland
Funding: $527,012

Hearing loss affects a person’s ability to communicate and socialise. Community members will partner with researchers to develop an innovative and contemporary education and support program to help adults with hearing loss and their families overcome the everyday communication, social and emotional difficulties they experience. The solution will be rolled out and evaluated in hearing services across Australia and subsequently be made available to all Australians with hearing loss.

Get Involved

Better Hearing Australia and the University of Queensland are seeking participants for a research study to enhance communication outcomes for adults with hearing loss (and you don’t need to have a hearing loss to participate – see Eligibility below). By participating, you can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by this condition.

  • Eligibility: If you are over 50 and have experienced hearing difficulties, regardless of whether or not you use a hearing aid, you may qualify. We also welcome individuals over 18 who are family members or friends of adults with hearing loss.

A gift card in appreciation of your involvement may be offered.

To learn more and secure your spot, please get in touch via email at or call 3365 4517 and nominate yourself as a BHA participant.

Improving access to the hearing services program for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Lead Research Partners: The University of Queensland, Macquarie University

Untreated hearing loss affects communication, quality of life, and well-being. Help people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities access hearing services.

We need your help. We are looking for people to take part in an interview about their experiences with hearing services. Interviews can be done online or at a place convenient to you. Interviews will take approximately 1 hour.

You will receive a $25 voucher for participating in the interview.


  • If you are permanent resident/citizen in Australia with hearing difficulties, or you have a family member with hearing difficulties, AND
  • You or your parents belong to these communities:
    • Arabic
    • Afghan
    • Punjabi
    • Vietnamese
    • Mandarin
    • Cantonese
    • Somali
    • Greek

Inclusion criteria

Community members will satisfy the inclusion criteria for participation in this study if:

  • they are a permanent residents/citizen of Australia, and
  • they or their family members/child have self-reported hearing difficulties, and
  • they are from one of 8 target communities (Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Somali, Afghan [Farsi/Dari speaking]).

Exclusion criteria

  • People from communities other than the eight involved in the study
  • People lacking the capacity to provide consent
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Residents of aged care
  • People who use Auslan as the main mode of communication
  • People outside of Australia

To register

Go to this link to register:

Interpreters are available if required.

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