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Business Support Services

Business Support Services

With one in six Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss, how is hearing loss affecting your business?

The financial cost of hearing loss to the Australian economy is estimated at almost $16B annually with more than $12B being attributed to lost productivity in the workplace

Better Hearing Australis’s Hearing Ready Workplace Support Programs will support your business address hearing loss issues in your workplace.

BHA Hearing Ready Workplace Audits

A BHA Hearing Ready Workplace Audit will support your business to understand how hearing loss may be affecting your workplace.

  • Is your business compliant with the relevant legislation?
  • Do your customer-facing roles understand the communication needs and available supports for consumers with hearing loss?
  • Are your managers confident to support staff with hearing difficulties and cognisant of the requirement to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ accordingly?
  • How is hearing loss impacting productivity?

Audits are flexible, workplace-specific, and designed to work around your business activity. They typically include:

  • Environmental audit
  • Key staff consultations
  • Legislative Compliance Review & Risk Analysis
  • Hearing Augmentation Systems check/recommendations
  • Training Needs Assessment

Following the assessment, an obligation-free detailed findings report will be provided with remedial action recommendations where appropriate.

BHA will be available to support your organisation throughout the assessment process and any follow-up actions required.

BHA Hearing Ready Workplace Education & Training

Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of business requirements, workplace environments and service delivery contexts, BHA’s Hearing Ready Workplace Education and Training program supports front line staff and managers to better meet the needs of both hearing impaired employees and their customers.

BHA also provides individualised support to employees to assist them in their workplace. For more information, ask about our Employee Assistance Program.

The Training Program

The Program has been designed as a series of independent modules that can be delivered as a complete training program but flexible enough to meet specific requirements and shorter training opportunities. Training is ideally suited to groups of no more than 10 participants.

Our Facilitators

Our team of dedicated facilitators are either professionals in their respective fields or bring a unique blend of lived experience to their presentations as a person with hearing loss. BHA also provides its own nationally recognised Tutor’s program to ensure our group coordinators have the requisite skills and experience to make your training session an interesting, fun and informative experience.

Learning Outcomes

Each module has specific learning outcomes and at the end of the training program participants will have an in-depth understanding of how hearing loss affects individuals, workplaces and the broader community as well as learning important strategies to better manage hearing issues in their own workplace. The workshop session will be designed to meet the specific requirements of your business or workplace.

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Help us help the one in six Australians suffering from the world's most prevalent sensory disability