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Hearing Access Program

Hearing Access Program

Low-cost hearing aid access for people in need

Access to hearing aids

In Australia we have access to funding for hearing aids through a number of different avenues including the Hearing Services Program and the NDIS.

While many in the community will be covered, some people in need of hearing loss support fall outside the eligibility criteria set for these programs.

That’s why BHA Brisbane has partnered with Clarity Hearing + Balance to establish the Hearing Access Program providing hearing access for those not eligible for funded government or other programs.

BHA will continue to lobby for increased funding and broader eligibility criteria for government-funded programs to ensure as many Australians as possible are covered.

What is the Hearing Access Program?

The BHA Hearing Access Program is a scheme that provides second-hand, fully refurbished hearing aids at a low cost to those eligible for the program.

Am I eligible for the program?

BHA has kept eligibility criteria to the Hearing Access Program as accessible as possible.

Rather than set a specific level of hearing loss, the BHA Hearing Access Program only requires that there is a demonstrable clinical need for hearing loss treatment.

Potential participants must also be the holders of a Government-issued Health Care card.

What will I be fitted with?

The hearing aids are collected from the community through different collection points and organisations and transferred to qualified audiologists to be refurbished.

Only high-quality, modern aids are deemed suitable to be refurbished and refitted.

The audiologist will fit you with the best available aids to treat your specific hearing loss.

The BHA Hearing Access Program will fit hearing aids to one or two ears as required.

Where can I access the program?

Initial enquiries should be made to Better Hearing Australia Brisbane. BHA Brisbane will then refer you to the nearest Hearing Access Program partner audiologist. The program partner during the initial trial phase of the program will be Clarity Hearing + Balance who have clinics throughout Queensland.

What are the costs?

The costs of the program have been kept as low as possible to ensure as many people have access as possible.

They are set to help cover the costs of the audiologist’s time and the costs of collecting and refurbishing the hearing aids.

Monaural fittings cost $395 and binaural fittings cost $550—well below normal costs for the purchase and fitting of hearing aids.

What’s included in the fee?

The BHA Hearing Access Program includes comprehensive services with partner audiologists.

  • Full rehabilitative Audiological assessment
  • Initial personalised comprehensive hearing rehabilitation program including (full case history, otoscopy, air and bone conduction audiometry, speech audiometry, full immittance measures including acoustic reflex testing and tympanometry and QuickSIN Auditory Processing test
  • Ear wax/foreign body removal and management
  • Hearing aid fitting and verification, rehabilitation, report for licencing (if required)
  • High-quality Better Hearing Australia Hearing Access Program donated hearing aid/s including full service, cleaning and sterilisation, new moulds/receivers/tubes, housing change where applicable, 1 x packet of batteries, 1 x cleaning kit
  • 30 day $150 per hearing aid money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Ongoing support and advice from the BHA team

Your next steps

If you would like to discuss your eligibility, please contact Better Hearing Australia Brisbane today.

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