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Hear Here Local Government Training Module

Hear Here Local Government Training Module


One in six Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss.

How does hearing loss impact your officers’ communication with customers?

What can councils do to improve the customer experience?

Learn how to communicate effectively with customers who may have difficulty hearing.

Better Hearing Australia, in partnership with Redland City Council, has developed the “Hear Here” learning module to support local council front-of-house teams to assist people who may have difficulty hearing.

Hearing loss customer service training

The training package was a finalist in the LGMA Queensland Awards for Excellence 2021.

The Hear Here Learning Module is a four-part, 20-minute learning module covering:

  • Hearing loss – the invisible disability: highlighting the impact and prevalence of hearing loss in society and how likely it is that local council customers will have issues with their hearing.
  • The sound of hearing loss: putting learners in the shoes of someone with hearing impairment so they can empathise and understand the challenges some people face.
  • Making a difference: tips and tricks staff can use immediately to help improve the customer experience of your service users.
  • Technical solutions: a brief overview of some of the technical solutions available to Councils to help improve the hearing experience for everyone.

“Redland City Council was happy to partner with Better Hearing Australia (Brisbane) to develop and pilot the ‘Hear Here’ Council training to help local government communicate more effectively with people with hearing loss.
The training gives officers an understanding of some of the challenges faced by people with hearing loss and provides practical strategies and tools to overcome those challenges.
We encourage other government authorities to consider the ‘Hear Here training’ as well.” – 
Redland City Council

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Industry Relevance

This learning module has been designed in partnership with and specifically for local governments.

Training content reflects typical day-to-day scenarios where council staff may experience challenges communicating with customers who have hearing loss.

Clinical Accuracy

All hearing loss-related technical and medical inputs were provided or reviewed by a consulting audiologist.

Learning module package options


  • The Hear Here learning module is provided as a downloadable SCORM compliant file for immediate inclusion in your organisation’s learning management system (LMS).
  • A one-off fee covers setup, complementary module resource kit, and use for the life of the product.
  • Licensed for unlimited users.


  • BHA can facilitate access to the module on a per user basis if your organisation does not have its own LMS.
  • A one-off fee covers initial setup and LMS participant population. A per user fee includes a resource kit for each user.

BHA will review and update the learning module in line with best practice in hearing loss management and inform users when a new module is available.

Technical compliance

The Hear Here Learning Module is a mobile optimised stand-alone SCORM 1.2 compliant learning module built on the Adapt Framework software.

Staff and customer recognition

Help customers recognise a hearing-friendly environment by providing “Hear Here” lanyards to your trained team members.

By proactively identifying your facility staff as ‘hearing friendly trained’, you encourage your customers to self-identify and gain access to a much better experience.

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The Hear Here learning module was developed with funding from the Queensland Government under the Age-Friendly Community Grants Program.

Help us help the one in six Australians suffering from the world's most prevalent sensory disability