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Adjusting Hearing Aids to Compensate for Masks

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Adjusting Hearing Aids to Compensate for Masks

Researchers at the National Acoustic Laboratories have suggested ways adjustments to hearing aid gains can help manage the impact of face masks on speech understanding.

The research suggests that by adjusting gains on various pitches there can be an improvement in speech understanding by wearers of hearing aids.

Researchers used speech-in-noise tests to test improvement in gains and also asked participants to rate the acceptability of the loudness of the background noise, their own-voice, and of the target speech.

The research found that increasing gain to compensate for face masks can be beneficial to people with hearing aids. However, the research also found that the gain required for full compensation may also require occluded ear fittings, which is not acceptable for many listeners.

Talk to your audiologist to see if these adjustments can benefit you.

Read the full article here: Managing the Impact of Face Masks and Covers on Speech Understanding in Noise Using Hearing Aids

BHA have produced several resources to help people communicate better when mask-wearing mandates are in place.

Please feel free to download and distribute these resources as required.

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