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Federal Budget Announcement

The big sector news recently has been the federal budget announcement of $21M over 5 years towards the Hearing Health Roadmap. Initial funding priorities include:

  • $5M for a hearing health awareness campaign
  • $7.3M for a comprehensive research grants program to develop the evidence base for interventions to support vulnerable Australians
  • $5M for early identification of hearing and speech difficulties in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in primary care settings and early childhood centers
  • $2M for pilot measures to improve the capability of the aged care workforce in supporting residents with hearing loss
  • $0.2M for hearing workforce support including a hearing workforce audit and summit
  • $0.4M for the development of tele-audiology standards

You can read more about it…/budget-2020-21-preventive-health-implementation-of-roadmap-for-hearing-health-budget-2020-21-preventive-health-implementation-of-roadmap-for-hearing-health.pdf

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