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Veterans and Hearing Loss

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Veterans and Hearing Loss

Veterans Hearing Services

Did you know that Australian Veterans get access to a range of hearing services and devices free of charge… on top of what is normally provided through the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP)?

All eligible pensioners should receive the following through an audiologist of their choice registered for the program:

  • the initial appointment with your hearing provider
  • prescribed hearing devices through the HSP
  • training to understand and use your new hearing devices
  • follow up rehabilitation and ongoing support

In addition to these services, White Card or Gold Card holding veterans may also be eligible for additional free services and devices including:

  • induction loops
  • headsets for watching the television
  • microphone/FM listening systems
  • doorbells with signal lights
  • smoke alarm packages for the hearing impaired
  • wireless streaming devices to transmit sound from multiple devices to a hearing aid
  • some telephone accessories supplied through your telecommunications provider
  • tinnitus treatment
  • tinnitus devices
  • ongoing maintenance payments for cochlear devices
  • accessories and services to complement your cochlear implant

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a comprehensive page that talks about what products and services are available as well as eligibility requirements. Click the button below to access the page.

DVA Hearing Loss Support

It is worth a look to see what you may be eligible for to support your better hearing lifestyle.



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