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His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC

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Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide quality services and support for people seeking assistance regarding hearing issues.

The objectives of Better Hearing Australia are to:

  1. Offer support and understanding, supply information and referrals where required.
  2. Encourage the values of independence, self-confidence, caring and mutual respect;
  3. Provide opportunities for service users to improve communication and interpersonal skills;
  4. Establish and maintain an environment which responds to identified needs of service users;
  5. Encourage the adoption of lifestyles and work practices which prevent unnecessary hearing disabilities;
  6. Promote understanding in the wider community of the issues related to hearing loss


To achieve its objectives, BHA:

  • Serves as an Information Centre on all problems of impaired hearing;
  • Obtains and disseminates information about hearing aids and assistive devices and systems;
  • Establishes programmes for the rehabilitation of hearing impaired people;
  • Encourages people to have audiometric tests in cases of suspected hearing loss – will provide a basic non-diagnostic audiometric screen (audiogram) where appropriate;
  • Encourages hearing impaired people to participate in social interaction;
  • Promotes public awareness of the problems associated with hearing impairment;
  • Encourages the provision of hearing access for the hearing impaired in public places;
  • Maintains co-operation with like minded organizations and kindred bodies;
  • Raising public awareness of Hearing Impairment;
  • BHA advocates for the hearing impaired.

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